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Being an Oppressor... and changing that...

In 1985, I had my first article published by Self & Society, an International Journal for Humanistic Psychology, edited by John Rowan.

It was put on the Taylor and Frances online website in 2015. The full article can be read here.

1985 - Being an Oppressor
Download PDF • 2.62MB

It was reprinted in the 7th issue of Men For Change (MFC), a magazine I was editing and distributing around Nottingham during 1988-1989. It was part of my involvement with the Men's Liberation movement which was flourishing in England, Europe and the USA during those years. As with many movements, it had also arrived to Israel two or three decades later.

It was another milestone in my grassroot political activity which in those years manifested in editing this magazine, taking part in various public protests and leading and participating in various men's group. Several conferences and workshops were held, and one of the highlights of that activity was a film festival (featuring the poet and author Martin Humphries), which we organized in the Nottingham Film Theatre which had since changed its name to Broadway Cinema and is still renowned as one if the leading independent film house in the UK.

In the 8th issue of MFC in 1988, an updated version of the original paper published in Self & Society was included. It was called Being a Male Oppressor.

1988 - Being a Male Oppressor
Download PDF • 4.64MB

All in all I edited five issues of MFC.

I stopped doing that mainly because in 1989 I had graduated from Nottingham Polytechnic (now - Nottingham Trent University) with my BA (Honours) in Photography (with Euan Duff), and found my interests veering to other directions. As well as getting more and more immersed in the need to earn a living as a professional photographer, which I did mainly through commercial and community photography in theatre and mental health settings, I also became more involved in starting my training as a counsellor, first at Nottingham Counselling Center (with Ann Shotter) and as a co-counselor, which eventually led to my MA (CCETSW) in Social Work, which I obtained from the University of Nottingham in 1992. Thus my career as a clinical social worker and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist began...

I have not, of course, lost interest in gender issues and have been writing and publishing about male identity in clinical settings.

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