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​Rony Alfandary, Ph.D., is a clinical social worker. He is a senior lecturer at the School of Social Work at the University of Haifa and was the Director of the Post-Graduate programme of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at Bar-Ilan University until 2022.

Rony graduated from Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham University, England,  in 1986 where he received his BA (Honors) in Photography. He completed his MA in Social work at Nottingham University in 1992. He completed a three year post-graduate programme at Bar-Ilan University in Israel in 1998. He completed his P.hD at the the Program for Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies at Bar-Ilan University in 2012. 

As well as practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Karkur, Rony writes and publishes poetry, prose, and non-fiction. Among his recent publications is Seeking Psychic Space: Fundamentals of Psychodynamic Social Work, and Exile and Return: a Psychoanalytic Study of Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quartet.

Rony’s research interests are multi-disciplinary and include photography, hermeneutics, psychoanalysis, the relations between language, creativity and the sense of self and belonging, and the impact of the Holocaust upon 2nd and 3rd generations.

He is the Israeli delegate of the Israeli Association of Psychanalytical Psychotherapy (IAPP) at the Executive Committee of the World Council of Psychotherapy (WCP) and at the European Federation of Psychanalytical Psychotherapy (EFPP).

He is a founding member of the Israeli voluntary organization The Road to Recovery which helps hundreds of Palestinian children living in the West Bank and Gaza to receive medical care in Israeli hospitals, and served in various capacities including Chairman of the Board in 2022-2023.

He has held various public sector posts over the last 30 years including working as a full-time psychotherapist at the Ichilov out-patient psychiatric clinic in Tel Aviv, a social worker at the Jaffa area, head of the Center of Therapy Training at Seminar Hakibutzim in Tel-Aviv, Director of the therapeutic section (south region) at the Branco Weiss national school network, and Director of the Psychotherapy Center at the Inter-Disciplinary Clinical Center at the University of Haifa.

He was actively involved in the establishment of an independent school in Pardes-Hanna Karkur during the years 2004-2013.

He is an active photographer and his portfolio is varied from working with theatre and disability, street

photography, documentary and more.

See book publications at Amazon and Routledge

Contact phone: 972-52-5563965

Photo Credit: Boško Bunuševac (Belgrade, Serbia)


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