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Roundabout - Theatre in Education 1988-1989

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Most of Roundabout's work is in the form of Theatre in Education on tour in Nottinghamshire schools and colleges.

The carefully and collectively designed programme intends to raise questions and promote learning about issues and ideas relevant to young people.

"Is anyone more important than anyone else?"

"How do we learn to behave in the way we do?"

I was commissioned by Nottingham City Council to document the Company's work during 1988-1989.

The Company included: Jennifer Allison, Becky Matter, Karen Bartlet, Frazer Dunworth, Kevin Dyer, Rebecca Blackman, Sue Craddock, Simon Harris, Rick Hall, Dave Pitt, Nilima Raichoudhury, Mandy Smith, Val Jenner, Julia Marriott and Jill Evens.

For more photographs of the Company's work and similar projects, press here.

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