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The Peacock of Silwan (2012) and Silwan Between the Times (2019)

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Directed by Chen Alon & Sinai Petter

Three thousand years since the Kingdom of David sat in the village of Silwan, a group of artists–Jewish and Arab, Israeli and Palestinian–tell various stories about its past.

The idea to create a play as a vehicle to witness the dangers facing family and community life in Silwan and to galvanize the public originated from the work of Judy Roth, PhD.


n 2019, a new production was made for the Acre Festival, Silwan Between the Times, based loosely upon the notions of the original production.

An ensemble of Palestinian-Jewish artists that performed its prize-winning play The Peacock from Silwan for the first time at the Akko Festival in 2012. The play, which dealt with the fate of the tenants of an occupied residential home in Silwan, returns to Akko a seven years later in order to tell the story of what eventually happened to the home's residents. Only through a small crack, between different times, does hope continue to exist through the figures of a young Jewish man and a Palestinian women—trapped together between times while sustaining a utopian love.


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