• Rony Alfandary

Zoom Interviews during Covid-19 Second series

Updated: Jan 30

Nine months after Covid-19 disrupted the lives of billions around the globe, it is still here. First they talked about the First Wave during March 2020. Then it was the Second Wave during September 2020. And now, as 2020 is drawing to its end, the Third Wave is here as Israel is entering its third lockdown within nine months, not to mention to forthcoming FOURTH election in under two years. We do not want to be ruled like this.

During October 2020, I conducted the First series of Zoom Interview during Covid-19. Twenty people sat and answered my questions. Now, in January 2021, I begin the Second series. And my first interviewee is Tami Almog, Technical Support Engineer but mainly a very active and involved political activist, who has taken to the streets in protest.

My second interview was with Dr. Rachel Groweiss who is a scholar and lecturer in the diverse field of Rabbinic Literature . She talks about the concept of the Original Sin as representing Free Will, as well as recent political events in Israel.

Tzafra Dweck, a social worker, writer and lecturer, as well as having been the head of the Union of Social Workers in Israel, introduces her amazingly wide knowledge of books and film on a variety of subjects that somehow seem to home in on the struggles of the individual in an increasingly hostile world.

Dr. Claudia Kedar, an historian with a deep understanding of social and economic process in Israel and elsewhere, talks about Herman Hesse, Argentina and the dictatorship in the 70's, democracy and the imperative to live by one's own ideals.

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