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C. 20 - An International Journey published by Durrell Library of Corfu

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

The Durrell Library of Corfu is run by Richard Pine. It hold yearly literary events, such as the 2019 Islands of the Mind Conference, in which I took part.

Currently, I am the Poetry editor of the C.20 on-line magazine. So far, there have been three issues.

The first published in June 2019, featured poems by Simon Miles, Constance Scharff and Matthew Francis.

The second was published in December 2019 and included a book review of Isabelle Keller-Privat's "Lawrence Durrell’s Poetry: A Rift in the Fabric of the World" as well as poems by Sukrita Paul Kumar, Matin Herskovitz and Tom Hadani Nave.

The third was published in June 2020 and included poems by Carol Coffee Reposa, Yorai Sela and myself.

The fourth issue was published in February 2021 and included poems by Yurai Sela, Gitit Milo, Moria Daum-Kaplan and David Green.

The fifth issue was published in December 2021 and includes work by Sumantra Nag, Benjamin Keatinge and David Green.

The mission of the Durrell Library of Corfu is fourfold:

1) to promulgate and facilitate study of the works and lives of LAWRENCE DURRELL and GERALD DURRELL and their families and associates

2) to provide a forum for discussion of topics which were central to the work of Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell

3) to provide a library service by responding to requests for information based on the Durrell Library

4) to continue the work of our predecessor, the DURRELL SCHOOL OF CORFU as a publisher.

For more photos of the Festival, press here.

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